Provide your entire team – from top management to marketing operations – with invaluable insights

Track your main KPI’s with ease, compare sales data with previous periods, and gain a better understanding of your customers

Benefits for Top Management

Real time data

Main KPI's tracked

Intuitive dashboards

Your days are filled with back-to-back meetings, managing your marketing team and tracking sales. Your time is valuable and you can’t afford to waste it analyzing incoming data from various sources.


With intuitive dashboards designed for top management, Glamview provides you with all the information you need to make strategic decisions without getting lost in too much data.


Track your most important KPI’s and figures to understand revenue performance and trends. Check your data in real time from your tablet or mobile device – no need to be tied to a desk!

Benefits for Sales/Finance

Online & Offline visualization

Highlighted CLTV KPI’s

Predictive Analysis

Benefits for Sales/Finance

Online & Offline visualization

Highlighted CLTV KPI’s

Predictive Analysis

We know how tedious and time consuming it can be to gather all your online and offline sales data in order to get the whole picture of your revenue.


With dynamic and real time data visualization, you can compare both online and offline sales to previous time periods. We’ve highlighted the main CLTV KPI’s for easy tracking and improvement. Understanding trends is just the beginning.


Glamview takes it one step further by predicting your customer’s next move and the outcomes of your business decisions with Predictive Analysis.

Benefits for Marketing Operations

Advanced customer segmentation

RFM segmentation

Time efficiency

Personalization has become a necessity amongst the top players in fashion and beauty, with 71% of customers expecting companies to deliver personalized interactions.


With our advanced segmentation tool you can segment your customers by source, age, gender, geolocalization, customer life journey, spending recency, frequency and monetary value. Create hyper personal, relevant messages through marketing automation campaigns. By setting up marketing automation workflows your team can be faster, more efficient and focus on content creation and strategy.

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