Build a 360° single customer view by collecting data from all customer touchpoints.

Many companies often don’t, or better yet don’t know how to take full advantage of all information of a single customer. Their various touchpoints that a customer may use to contact a company to purchase products are not integrated, and as a result they don’t understand their customers and their trends in customer behavior.

With Glamview we’ve made it easy to integrate and visualize your customers' online and offline data into easy-to-understand dashboards to make fast, data-driven decisions.

Enjoy the power of real-time customer data, with all relevant information at one place

In the world of retail, real-time data is a vital element to a successful customer experience. Your employee may turn to a customer’s purchase history to provide personalized service in store - on the other hand, an easy-to-read Customer Data Platform could provide your marketing team with precious information to send relevant messages through a variety of channels.

This can only be obtained by requiring all incoming data, both online and offline, to be processed and visualized for immediate use.

RFM is without a doubt one of the most powerful customer behaviour segmentation tools out there,

and it can be extremely helpful when your business is flooded with incoming, unorganized data. By analyzing and combining three main variables, namely recency (R) , frequency (F) and monetary value (M), businesses can segment customers into various groups and even predict their future behaviour.

More importantly, making good use of all that data can help you succeed in your marketing campaigns, by winning back precious customers you just can’t lose, or encouraging promising new customers to remain loyal to your brand.

With location information, your company has a huge competitive advantage: context.

As a result of using real-time geo-localization, your offers become more relevant and dependent on where your consumers are. Marketing and communication based on geographical criteria has far better engagement rates than those which talk to the masses.

Knowing where customers purchase your products also helps you to understand where to invest money into retail activity and event marketing.

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface

which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. An API Centric product is any product that exposes a public API as its core distribution channel, saving the customer valuable integration time and effort.

An agile, data-driven organization needs to integrate all their customer data into a single platform to get a 360 degree view, but has to avoid a long and complex implementation time.

Predictive analytics will lead you to see what is invisible to others.

In particular, useful patterns in your data. Predictive analytics make your marketing campaigns more customer-oriented. The idea is to customize your communications to target a segment of your total customer base - not the whole. If you send only the communications that are relevant to a segment of customers, you increase the likelihood that those particular visitors will perform the action that you are hoping for: buying.

When you can determine which segment of your customer base will respond best to your message, you save money on the cost of convincing a customer to make the purchase and improve overall efficiency.

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